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Earthquake Relief Project and Our New Plan


My name is Jharana Rai and I am in-charge of Earthquake Relief Project launched by YouMe Nepal. I am based in our country office in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The effect of devastating earthquake that struck Nepal in April-May 2015, causing damage to over half a million buildings and taking away the lives of about 9000 people was a heart wrenching moment for Nepalese people.  Witnessing the destruction has almost left indelible scars to the people as most of them had to bear separation from their families forever.

This was a kind of breakthrough for a country like Nepal that had almost never felt the predicament of the earthquake consequences. This was when the country saw the power of unity where everyone from inside and outside the country came together for the support.

12607285_10153870780339104_1531669716_n 12583943_10153870780639104_1000921181_n(Aftermath of Great earthquake in Nepal, 2015)

Similarly, the deadly quake affected every sector of the country including the educational sector. Several thousand schools had a hard time resuming classes owing to the damage inflicted and the fear of repeated aftershocks back then. The educational institutions were nearly closed for two months; students were bound to stay back home because of the constant fear of aftershocks and the severe damages caused to the buildings by earthquake. After the quake, the main priorities of people were education and the shelter.

Thus, YouMe Nepal started out with the conclusion of making Temporary Learning Centre (TLC) as a short term relief project for the earthquake stricken schools. Initially, we set off with implementing the project in Lamjung district’s remote village in Pahcok, VDC; that lies in Gandaki zone of North-Western Nepal. This village was one of the severely affected area in Lamjung district where not many helping hands dared to go. Pachok Secondary School with 350 students, serving the 2 wards of the village was not in the condition to operating classes. Though the school had received some tarpaulins from some INGOs,  it was still not in a condition to run normal classes. What further aggravated the case was the start up of rainy season in Nepal.

Our primary objective was to provide the earthquake affected children a safe and protected learning environment where they can study until the government reinstates the school.

12584076_10153870780009104_1604917133_n(Overview picture of school)

12575872_10153870780174104_1350477725_n(The walls were damaged)


(The condition of classroom was not functional at all)

Despite numerous hurdles and hardships we were successful in making 2 TLC’s for Pachok Secondary School, for what inspired us most amidst the complicated circumstances was we could at least provide them the roof where they could continue their studies safely.

1112570991_10153870778634104_1693748722_n 12571310_10153870778334104_742107162_n (1)(The students studying at their newly constructed Temporary Learning Centre)

In the second phase, we were again approached by the Principal of Ilam Devi Primary School of the same VDC that had 37 students studying previously.  It was the same village but the wards were different. So, starting out the work in even a farther distance was another adrenaline experience for us. However, with the ongoing strikes, the worsening condition of roads, challenging weather and a limited manpower, we still managed to do everything smoothly and successfully.


(The School’s previous temporary shelter)



(The wall of the School was entirely collapsed)

12557773_10153870782089104_1674502521_o 12562801_10153870782044104_70788934_o 12596970_10153870781879104_180118619_o(The process of making TLC for Ilam Devi Primary School)

Though it was for temporary usage, we didn’t want to compromise on the safety and quality. To this cause, we opted for metal truss for long lasting result. It was a life changing experience for us, we went through a process where we had to build a school that is functional and safe at the same time.

Completing the construction of two TLC’s simultaneously in spite of various difficulties and complications we faced during the process, we realized that the situation we went through was nothing as compared to seeing bright smiles on the faces of innocent children. This was merely the least we could do for them to give a shelter to study continuously without any problem of sun or rain. As concerned with the student’s sanitation, we even provided two toilet pans and one water tank that could be used after their new toilet construction for both the schools.

At the moment, we are working on our big dream project where 5 to 6 children will be benefited from our Sponsorship Program. We have made some flexibility on the choice in terms of selection of these students, considering the current situation of the country. Some of the children we are choosing are real earthquake victims and others are indeed a family who are in dire need of financial support to help their children continue their studies. We are still in ongoing procedures of meeting the parents, children and finalizing the schools according to the requirement of both children and parents. Soon, we will be releasing the list of our sponsored children. The aim of this project is not only to support them financially but to conduct a process where we can perpetually monitor on their education and figure out the way to motivate them on making their future brighter.

The aftermath of great earthquake was a phase where we saw the downfall of so many infrastructures. However, it was also the time where we saw and experienced the power of unification. Therefore, the whole journey from making TLC’s to sponsoring the children has made us little wiser. Our journey till date has been full of priceless emotions and encounters. Learning from the mistakes, we are committed to move forward only to bring a little change to people’s life and their thinking. To our understanding, this is the asset we want to gain and own in our every work and effort.








Construction of two temporary school buildings in Lamjung, an earthquake affected area


この時のプロジェクトの際に協働で活躍されたパチョック小中学校の運営担当のトゥルシさん(Mr. Tulsi Ram Gurung )から後日連絡がありました。


その後、その小学校の校長先生がYouMe Nepalの現地ネパールチームのオフィスに訪れ、村や学校の状態を伝えにきました。


調査の結果、イランデヴィ小学校に仮設教室が必要であることを確かめた現地YouMe Nepalチームは、子どもたちに仮設教室をプレゼントすることを決めました。


日時10/3(土) ~ 10/7(水)
場所ラムジュン郡パチョック第9地区 Simrung村イランディヴィ小学校
- 材料費: 88500ルピー
- トラックでの輸送費: 22500ルピー
- 工事用機械使用料: 20500ルピー
- 宿泊/食事/移動/電話費用: 17000ルピー
- 人件費/横断幕費用: 1600ルピー
担当 YouMe Nepal現地スタッフ(責任者: Jharana Rai)
特にRajesh Adhikariさん, Tulsi Ram Gurungさん,
イランディヴィ校長 Yamchandra Shrestha先生

・地域の村人との協力・連携が必須だが、YouMe Nepal現地スタッフは女性が主であるため、信用や団結に時間と労力を要する(建設などの力仕事の統率は男性が常識)














DSCF0702 DSCF0713 DSCF0727











DSCF0773 DSCF0783 DSCF0785


DSCF0839 DSCF0827 DSCF0802




YouMe Nepalのスタッフも誇らしげです。



YouMe Nepalは、小さなチームですが、この小ささを活かして必要な場所に必要な支援を行いたいと願っています。震災後から掲げていた「YouMe Nepalだからこそ可能な、YouMe Nepalらしい支援」を、また一つ達成できたことに、スタッフ一同大きな喜びを感じています。

“… So, at the end we not only succeeded making TLC to those needy children but we kind of influence the people that girls actually can work as in the villages we have a mentality of thinking that girls can’t and don’t do works like the mens do.”

The TLC project in Lamjung has been completed

Temporary Learning Center (TLC) with 5 classrooms (as part of our NPO`s Earthquake Relief Project) at Pachok Secondary School in Lamjung district in Western Nepal has been completed. We are excited to see smiles in the faces of about 350 students (directly) and the surrounding communities. We would like to thank Rajesh Adhikari, our advisor in Nepal for helping us implement the project.







We have started construction of Temporary Learning Center



We have started construction of Temporary Learning Center at Pachok Secondary School, Lamjung District from yesterday. Our sincere thanks to local community and Rajesh dai for their kind support.

(Facebook is here)

Temporary School Building Project in Lamjung, Nepal

Initially, we had planned to educate and nurture five kids from earthquake disaster areas.
However, since the government banned kids’ movement outside their districts, we have
keep our initial plan pending until the government loosens the ban.

As our short term relief project, we are going to build a new temporary school building.
After the initial research that was conducted last week, we have decided to go ahead
with this project.
Project Name: Temporary School Building Project
Project Manager: Jharna RAI
School Name: Pachok Secondary School
Classrooms we plan to build: Five
Current Number of students: 350
Place: Lamjung District (about 200 km west of Kathmandu)
Project start date: 24th July
Why Lamjung?
We chose Lamjung because it is comparatively far and remote, which is why the village
has merely received any relief aid.

Its remoteness definitely poses a big challenge in carrying out the project, however,
with the kind and warm support of the villagers, we will make this project a success.

Thank you Rajesh dai (YouMe Nepal’s Advisor), for your kind support.





YouMe House Project

small world
First of all, we would sincerely like to thank EVERYONE of you who kindly donated for our Humanity First Project.

As we had promised in the outline of our project that the collected donation would be utilized in education sector, we would like to inform you briefly about the preliminary phase of our project below.

The title of our project is YouMe House Project.
1. We will prepare a temporary (if financially feasible, a permanent) shelter in Kathmandu, which we call YouMe House.
2. We will select five students (Grade 8-10, 13-15 years old) from the areas devastated by the earthquake.
3. In addition to allowing them to stay and grow in YouMe House, we will provide these students the opportunity to study in some of the best schools in Nepal. In other words, we will support their entire living and education costs until they graduate from high school in flying colors.
4. YouMe House is more than just a house. The environment and the culture we will create in the house will be such that these five students will naturally be willing to “Pay back to their devastated society” when they grow.

In other words, YouMe House will be a place to nurture young and passionate future leaders who will one day, be ready to change their society.


Humanity First Project

Dear friends and well-wishers, as you may be aware; the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25 has taken about 9,000 lives and injured several thousand people. Hundreds of thousands of Nepalese are sleeping out in tents or in the open. While we can just show our sympathies to the departed souls, we can however, provide support of basic necessities like food and water to the living ones, no matter to what extent. Time is running away and we cannot just watch and see it. Realizing this, YouMe Nepal Trust has launched its “Humanity first Project”. Our purpose is to share the right information, aware the people, and collect fund so as to act fast in the field coordinating with our staffs and other partners in Kathmandu, without any delay. We are in desperate need of your support and cooperation. Together we can make a small but much needed difference. Let us start rebuilding Nepal from wherever we are and whatever we can.


आदरणीय दाजुभाई तथा दिदीबहिनीहरु,अप्रिल २५ मा गएको सक्तिसाली भुइचालो बाट नेपालमा संकट मच्चेको कुरा यहाहरुलाई अबगत नै छ | मर्नेहरु र घाइते हुनेहरुको संख्या हजारौ नाघिसकेको छ भने बाची राखेकाहरु दैनिक उपभोग्य सामान नपाएर-भोक भोकै बस्नु परेको अवस्था छ | यस अवस्था मा हामीहरु मानव, त्यसमाथी पनि नेपाली भएको नाताले कुनै पनि हालतमा हेरेर बस्न सकिन्न र हुदैन पनि | यसकारण विपद र दु:ख को यो घडी मा “युमे नेपाल ट्रस्ट” मृत आत्माहरुको चीर शान्तीको कामना गर्दै संकट ग्रस्त क्षेत्रमा सानै भए पनि सहयोग गर्ने अभिलासा गर्दछ | यो अभिलाषा पूरा गर्नका निम्ति तपाईहरुको सर-सहयोग को अपेक्षा गर्दछौ |