YouMe House Project

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First of all, we would sincerely like to thank EVERYONE of you who kindly donated for our Humanity First Project.

As we had promised in the outline of our project that the collected donation would be utilized in education sector, we would like to inform you briefly about the preliminary phase of our project below.

The title of our project is YouMe House Project.
1. We will prepare a temporary (if financially feasible, a permanent) shelter in Kathmandu, which we call YouMe House.
2. We will select five students (Grade 8-10, 13-15 years old) from the areas devastated by the earthquake.
3. In addition to allowing them to stay and grow in YouMe House, we will provide these students the opportunity to study in some of the best schools in Nepal. In other words, we will support their entire living and education costs until they graduate from high school in flying colors.
4. YouMe House is more than just a house. The environment and the culture we will create in the house will be such that these five students will naturally be willing to “Pay back to their devastated society” when they grow.

In other words, YouMe House will be a place to nurture young and passionate future leaders who will one day, be ready to change their society.