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Since there are not enough schools in rural areas in Nepal, many students are compelled to walk for an hour or two. Girls are often time made to do the household works, especially in the remote villages, thus by averting their chances of going to schools. There are no extra-curricular activities introduced  in these schools. The teachers do not possess sufficient knowledge to teach. The schools lack infrastructures. This deteriorates the  quality, conduct and performance of the schools.

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Having spent their childhood in such kind of public schools, Mr. Sharad Chandra Rai and Mr. Dinesh Ratala Joshi were fortunate to have been selected as scholarship students to study in Budhanilkantha School (the national school of Nepal) through a competitive nationwide examination from the far-eastern and western region. They spent nine years staying in the hostel at this school interacting with friends from different facets of the Nepalese society. Then, they started their journey to Japan in the pursuit of higher studies. Both of them completed their undergraduate studies from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University. For the graduate studies, Rai chose to go to Tokyo University and Joshi chose to go to the United Nations University. While this has been their story, many of their childhood friends are working as cheap labors in countries like Malaysia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia etc. Often time, these youth have to suffer from various kind of exploitation.

This kind of experience made them realize that education really matters and they need to do something from their part within their existing capacity. To serve this purpose, they founded an NPO “YouMe Nepal” in August 2012 when they were university students. The NPO has a mission of building manageable number of quality schools in different areas of the country with a moral sense of paying back to the nation and also to inspire other fortunate youth to lead such kind of initiatives. To start with, they built their first school in Chumakhu village of Khotang district in Eastern Nepal in collaboration with the local community.

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They built their first bamboo-made school, saving a certain fraction of their earning made from part-time job. It was just a school of hope and dream and basically lacked almost all the infrastructures. The school had 1 class, 1 teacher and 8 students towards the beginning. However, with the support gained from various well wishers, the NPO could transform this school into a highly infra-structured one by April 2015. In the span of 3 years, the school emerged with the capacity to run up to Grade 5 benefiting hundreds of students and maintaining a very good reputation in the region.

The school is committed to provide the best quality of education as per the local context to produce leaders who would feel a sense of responsibility to contribute towards the development of their society and nation.

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[School Building] We started YouMe School in 2011 which was made up of bamboo with a tin roof. At that time, we had 1 female teacher and 8 students. Thanks to many supporters, we could replace this bamboo-made school with a concrete building in April 2015! This building has remained as a symbol of hope to the people of Durchhim, Khotang.
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