Monthly Newsletter May 2018

Thank you for your ongoing support.

New semester kicks off!!

We had a total of 32 kids who enrolled in Pre-K and Kindergarten.

We will do our best to make sure that the students are able to enjoy learning.


【 Recent reports in Khotang 】

①Teachers Introduction No.1

His name is Dharani Subedi. He is from Ilam District. It takes about 2 days to get to Kothan by bus. Students call him Dipi and is really passionate about teaching at YouMe School. He majored in English and he also holds a Diploma in Information Technology.

We asked him some questions.

1.What subjects are you teaching?

– Computer, General Knowledge and IT.

2.When did you start working at YouMe School?

– May 2015.

3.Why did you decide to teach at YouMe School?

– Call it my hobby or my goal in life. I want to devote my time doing social work and teaching  kids. I want to pave the path for their brighter future.

4.What is the best thing of YouMe Nepal?

– There are many good things in YouMe Nepal. The thing that stands out to me is; even though, the school is in the middle of nowherethe students are able to get a top notch education.  I think that’s really great.

5.What’s the teaching plan for this year?

– I will work to improve the school la, giving kids a better education in IT, help kids to perform to the best of their potential with confidence  and I also would like to bring out the best in them.

6.Lastly, could you say a few words to our Japanese supporter ?

– First, I really appreciate for all your help and support. The students and the teachers would be really happy if you would visit YouMe School.  I hope that you will continue with your unwavered support for the students’ better future.

Mr. Dharani Subedi, Principal of YouMe School.


② From Mr. Akita.

Namaste! I’m Akita who is working here as a volunteer. It has been three months since I got here. The first semester of the school year started at end of April and we had 15 new first graders. I’m really excited everyday spending time with the kids and now pretty much remember all of their names.

Class schedule for this year. The last period is always Extra Curricular Activity (E.C.A). where students from first to fifth graders take part in Music, Dance, Sport, IT, and Singing.

I’m in charge for the sport class. We assign different days to different grade level.

I  teach the games that I used to play when I was in elementary school with the equipments we got from the donation. I’m putting a lot of thought into making my class fun.

Also when I’m free, I just drop by other classes to teach Origami, and Arts and crafts.  When I walk by a classroom students start screaming, “come to our class” and that just makes me so happy.  In Nepal, usually they don’t have music, sports, arts and crafts classes like we do in Japan.. They usually sit all day in their class and study. In YouMe School, the students don’t sit all day in their seats and learn from a book but are active physically and I think that’s really great.

In addition, in Nepal they don’t have computers for computer class. They just use a textbook and study. But in YouMe School, we have many computers and students actually learn while using it. Also, our principal minored in IT so the kids can actually learn from an expert.

In this town, Kothan, we barely have electricity, water and gas. But we all have a school and it’s a miracle that occurs to me everyday. Even though, we are blessed with a miracle, we still have many problems. It has been a month since I worked here and I’m finally starting to get a grasp of the situation so I’ve trying to solve those problem little by little.


③ Visiting report No.8

Report from Harue who visited YouMe School this March.

The link is below.

Please read it.


【 Recent report in Biratnagar 】

①Our newly built school building is finished!

We started the construction this year January, and in 4 months we have finished to a point where the students can attend classes.

We are continuing with the construction part by part.

We are really excited to being our new semester in our new school building!


②Started dance class!

We have been started dance class with a new dance teacher and we are practicing everyday.

We plan to schedule Recital and Dance competitions and we will let you know when we have the schedule fixed.


③Field trip

Fourth, fifth and sixth graders went to the most famous department store in Nepal!

They formed a line and visited all floors while learning circulation of money and how to shop.

This event was reported in the local newspaper 2 months in a row.

(Translation)  Students who are fourth, fifth, sixth grade in YouMe School in Biratnagar visited BHAT-BHATENI which is the biggest department store in Nepal. The purpose of the visit was how to learn how to shop and to understand the technological advancements.

Students from kindergarten to third grade went to the swimming pool!

The principal said that we made this school one and half year ago and in this short time we made a huge progress. Now, we have more than 200 students.


【 Recent report in Japan 】

①In Nihon University Sakuragaoka High School

In May 19th, Our CEO Rai spoke about YouMe School and Nepal to first and second graders of Sakuragaoka High School.

We got many students who seemed interested about Nepal and it was a fruitful experience.

He is planning to do this on a regular basis.


②Mr. Sakamoto did a report event at his old school.

Mr. Sakamoto who was volunteering at YouMe School for one year did a report event at his old school.

It was his first time to work as an intern at YouMe School as a volunteer. He helped us with the Library and the development of YouMe School.

Thank you very much for reading and your support.