Monthly Newsletter June 2018

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<Recent reports in Khotang>

①Growing vegetables

We are growing vegetables with the students in the open space with in the school yard.

The students are very good at working in the fields because most of them are from farming background.

We are growing tomatoes, okras and green peppers. The kids water and weed out the grass with the teacher’s assistance.


Picking the garbage around the city

On World Environment Day, we walked around the school with placards made by the teachers and the students. So, we could show the people living around the school how important it is to save our Environment.

Recently, travelers throwing away their garbage has become a really big problem. Akita who is working as a volunteer from Japan suggested picking garbage around the school and since then we have been cleaning up.

We did that for half a day and we picked up this much garbage.


③ Computer Class

Schools in Nepal usually teach computer class through books only. But at YouMe School, we teach them while they use one.

Also, the whole teaching staff themselves are learning about Word, Excel and Power point everyday so they can level up their skills.

By doing this, we are moving from traditional paper documents to digital format.



We are going to show some of our student’s homework. The homework was to translate Nepali fairy tale in to English.

Dipsha Rai of first grade.

Dipa Rai of fourth grade.

There were consolation prizes for other students. Students who did a good translation got YouMe notebooks.


⑤Teacher Introduction Volume 2

His name is Bhakta from Ilam District, same as Dharani Subedi we introduced last month. He’s always well prepared for his classes. During his free time, he is always learning about computer. Also, after school, he does a marketing workshop for the students.

We asked him some questions.  

1.What subjects are you teaching?

-Social Studies and Music.

2.What did you study in university?

I studied English and many other things in university. I learned, How I can teach? What I can teach? Who is going to teach them?  When I can teach? Where I can teach? I also did sports and music.

3.When did you start working at YouMe School?

I’m started in 2017.

4.Why did you decide to teach at YouMe School?

I wanted to work for this city Khotang and I wanted to help open up the kids’ bright future.

5.What is the best thing of YouMe Nepal?

– We have sponsors for students who can’t afford. We have many kinds of things we can learn and do. Also, that we have a school in Khotang which is a very remote area in Nepal.

6.What’s the teaching plan for this year?

– I would like to share the skills, knowledge, and abilities that I got in my life. And I also want to join all the events that school holds, involve kids in activities, try to put new teaching methods and technology. I will do my best!

7.Lastly, could you say a few words to our Japanese supporter?

First of all, I really appreciate for your help and support. Thank you so much. Also, I hope there will be more YouMe Schools in Nepal.


⑥ From Mr. Akita

Hi! I’m Akita working here as a volunteer. It has been four months since I got here. In Nepal, the rainy season has just started, and I can see that greenery is overgrowing. Some cities have suffered from water shortages for years and they feel really happy about this season. When I was in Japan, rain made me quite down but here, I can’t wait for it to rain.Nepal made me realized that water is really really important for human.

In YouMe School, I’m in charge of P.E. classes of 7th period for 1st to 5th  graderseveryday.  I try to do sports that everyone knows or something that they can do it by themselves. I also teach them games that I did when growing up as a kid in Japan. Just trying to keep it interesting for them.

The schoolyard in YouMe School is not big enough. There are limited things that we can do. But with the things we got from our supporters/sponsors we use it to their full potential. We are trying to do all things possible within our limited choices. Recently volleyball is the most popular sport for upper grade students. They are not only playing the game and going around tossing the ball but learning how important teamwork is in the game. Also Japanese dodge ball is quite popular among them.

On World Environment Day, in YouMe School, we walked around the school with placards which the students and teachers had made. We wrote about natural environmental things on the placards. All of this reminded me of the time when I was a kid and we would go out on the streets picking up garbage, so I suggested in the meeting, and we actually ended up picking up the garbage around the neighborhood.

In Nepal, it’s normal for people to throw away the garbage on the street. I really hope that people will realize how important it is keep our natural environment clean and just hope that this will make them think twice. There’s no meaning if we don’t continue this so I’m going to work with the community to keep this going.

Four months went by so fast. I have to do more many things here so I will make every day count.


<Recent report in Morang>

①Kendama Competition

Maybe it’s the first time in Nepal?! We held Kendama competition. You can watch the video below.

They are pretty good, aren’t they? Students are really happy to get Kendamas from our supporters. They are really popular in Morang.


②School trip

We went to a park that takes care of some animals as a school trip.

We can see deers, monkeys, birds etc that are bred at the park for their protection.

Kids learned how to raise the animals and animal ecology.

We are planning a school trip every month for students to better understand.

At Morang, tests are usually finish round end of July and summer vacation starts for 2 weeks.


<Recent reports in Japan>

Our CEO Rai spoke at an event on May 27th.

He got an opportunity to speak about balancing work at Softbank and running 2 schools in front of people who were interested to know about Asia.

We are going to introduce different kind of events.


②Rai spoke at The University of Mejiro

In a class for International Volunteering, our volunteer Fujii addressed as a guest instructor. He spoke to a crow of people who are interested to work as a volunteer about YouMe Nepal, education in Nepal, what it’s worth, and the struggles.

This is what the students who attended had to say.

‘It was easy to understand about Nepal’s education .’

“I was really surprised that kids in YouMe school have get to experience VR and are using computers.”

“It made me think that may be as a volunteer or through an internship, I would like to meet the kids at YouMe School.”


 This was the monthly report for June 2018.

Thank you very much for reading and your support.