Monthly Newsletter July 2018

Thank you for your ongoing support.

His name is So. He was able to volunteer at both YouMe Schools for a short period.

He is working as a Managing Assistant at YouMe School.


<Recent reports in Khotang>


(Tanabata is an event that originated from the legend of two stars called Ori-hime and Hiko-boshi. It’s held on July 7th every year.

Orihime represents Vega, Hikoboshi represents Altair.

Orihime and Hikoboshi fell in love and were so crazy about each other that they couldn’t focus on their work.

The heavenly gods got angry and separated Orihime and Hikoboshi onto the different sides of the Milk way, or Ama-no-gawa in Japanese.

However, the heavenly gods felt sorry for them and allowed them to cross the Ama-no-gawa to meet each other once a year on July 7th.

On this day, many people pray for good weather on July 7th, because if it rains, they will not be able to meet up due to the rising water levels of Ama-no-gawa.

On Tanabata, we put up bamboo decorations to celebrate their reunion. We hang strips of paper called tanzaku and other paper accessories on the bamboo sticks. It’s believed that your wish will come true if you write it on the tanzaku and hang it on the bamboo sticks.)

So suggested to cerebrate Tanabata in YouMe school too on July 6.

Teachers explained about Tanabata to students, made a wish and hung strips like we do in Japan.

Here’s what the kids wrote down.

Ramos Rai; I want to be a nurse.

Deksha Rai; I want to be a teacher.

Abinas Rai; I want to eat mango!


②Planting cherry blossom trees.

Just like how we took care of the plants we will be doing the same with cherry blossoms this time.

The kids are taking great care of the trees by pruning.

We are really hoping that the cherry blossoms are going to be in full bloom.


③Teacher Introduction Volume3

Her name is Kala. She teaches the lower grades at an elementary school and also been doing accounting related work at YouMe school.

Actually, she is been with us since we started YouMe Nepal.

She knows a lot about YouMe School and together we have come over many problems.

We interviewed her this time.

1.What subjects are you teaching?

Math and general education.

2.Why did you decide to work at YouMe school?

I wanted to do something to help our society. Providing a better education to people who are suffering from poverty in remote area like Khotang was one of the reasons.

3.In what ways would you help the children in YouMe school?

My family is not involved in farming so I can concentrate 100% while teaching.

For example, to provide a better education, I plan to improve my computer skills. I intend to learn from all the experienced co-workers to better understand myself so I can be a better teacher. I’m doing my best for this school.

  1.  What is the best thing about YouMe school?

Most of students who are attending YouMe School are from Khotang and that they are able to learn English and receive a good education right here is amazing. And also that we have a lot of supporters.

  1. What is YouMe School to you?

Umm.. Its kind of difficult question. (haha)

Students can learn here and also we can learn new thing and how to use computer.

6.Lastly, could you say a few words to our Japanese supporter?

First of all, I really appreciate for your help and support. Because of your support, we are able to teach here in a great school building with new computers and iPads.

Thank you so much for your continuous support. The students and all the staffs at YouMe School are very grateful for your support.


④From Mr Akita


I’m Akita, working as a volunteer at YouMe School in Khothan.

I always say, “Namasute” it’s a greeting in Nepali meaning, Good morning, Good afternoon, Hello, Good evening, and Good bye.

But important point is we have to put our hands together when we say “Namasute”.

Try to say “Namasute” to local people with putting your hands together

when you visit Nepal next time.

By the way, I have been here for 5 months now and time went really fast.

I only a few month left so I have to spend my time preciously.

In Khotan YouMe school, we are done with the first semester and are in our second semester.

Teachers haven’t handed out the report cards yet so the students are hoping they get a

better grade then last time.

This month we have Mr So who came to volunteer at YouMe School for a month.

We talked about the environment around the school in Khotan and what we can do to make the school a better place.

I’m the only one who is staying here for a year this year and I felt really happy that I was able to talk with him.

Mr So is doing his best to make the school a better place too.

Half of July was mostly test days so we made a goal post in the school ground.

The students didn’t have any goal post or basketball court to play. So we wanted to make something for them. We cut bamboos and bought nets and it took about 7 hours to make it.

I felt really happy seeing the kids next day playing and using the post. They seemed really happy.

We not only made the post.  The Green house we started last month is also done.

It’s also made from bamboo and vinyl.

It was really difficult to make with the things readily available so I felt a sense of achievement when we completed this project.

We are thinking to plant flowers in this green house. We are going to grow these flowers together and I’m hoping that we are going to be surrounded by flowers. Summer has arrived here in Khotan and I heard that it’s really hot in Japan right now. So everyone please take care of yourself.

Thank you for reading. Akita.


<Recent reports from Morang>


Mr Machii will be volunteering through Join The Program by Ministry of Education Japan that allows one to experience learning/teaching in abroad.

He is a junior in Keio College and he is going to volunteer for 5 months here in Moran.

This is his introduction.

My name is Kotaro Matsui.

I’m going to work here as a volunteer for 5 months in Moran school.

I’m studying about international problems and I’ve come to learned about poverty, education and refugees problems.

When I was thinking about my graduation. I was thinking of working as an NPO, NGO, or JICA member and help the people in need. That’s when the Nepal earthquake happened. Before that happened I didn’t know anything about Nepal. I was deeply affected when I heard about the news. After that, I really wanted to know how they were going to get back to their normal life.

I kept looking it up but the more I looked up I learned about caste system, development of distribution infrastructure, caste system,  the situation of business for young

people and many problems rotting the country.

When I was a high school student, I saw a show called Homukami where I saw

our CEO, Rai. So I knew how they were helping the students.

I looked up a lot about the current situation in Nepal and after that I saw the show again.

I have a strong interest in education.

YouMe Nepal is trying to change the (country) “Nepal” and I have a strong sympathy with CEO Rai’s ambition.

I thought I will definitely go to go YouMe school and make a contribution in any way possible.

I finally decided to join this volunteer opportunity in YouMe School.

I applied through the program sponsored by the Japanese government.

They choose me to join the program so my wish came true.

In second school Moran, I will teach students about IT, Japanese culture, Japanese language and manage the library.

There are many problems to solve so I’m gonna do my best for the 5 months everyday for every second I’m there.

I’m going to talk with teachers and volunteers and try to contribute with all their help.

I’m really looking forward to volunteer there.


②Received many picture books from Japan.

Our supporters gave the students many picture English books.

We didn’t have many English books in schools so we are sure they are gonna enjoy them.

Thank you so much!


<Recent reports of Japan side.>

We started crowdfunding from August 4th !!

We have a message to our supporter from our CEO Rai.

I really appreciate for your support every time.

Its been 7 years since we made a small school with bamboos.

Because of your support, we are able to run 2 schools in Nepal.

360 students are studying at YouMe School right now and we are doing our best for our students’s bright future.

But we have 6,000,000 students in elementary, junior high school  and high school in Nepal. We have many problems with the education system in Nepal. The teachers won’t show up or they only care about the attendance and head back home after the attendance. So we came up this idea “Online YouMe School.” We can give kids a better tool through online no matter the distance.

We launched the crowd funding from August 4th.

If we can make this idea to come true, we can change their future in good way.


And thank you so much for your support.

Thank you for reading.