Monthly Newsletter August 2018

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【 Recent reports in Khotang 】

①Teacher’s day.

In Nepal, we celebrate teacher’s day in July on the full moon day. 

The students planned for an event for their teachers.

They practiced everyday and were able to perform beautifully in front of their teachers and presented the teachers with cake and flowers.

Thank you so much for being a teacher!

Poonam and Sabitra were responsible for the event.


②Gathering vegetables and growing it in the green house.

The seeds that we planted in our school grounds last month are ready to be harvested.

Students and teachers harvested okra together. 

The rest of the vegetables are almost ready for the harvest.  

We planted Marigold in the greenhouse that Akita made. 

In Nepal, during festivals and holy rituals, they make necklaces out of Marigold.


③Started the YouMe Farm!!

The vegetables that we spoke about earlier was actually an experiment.

Now that we were able to grow the vegetables successfully we rented a field near the school.

Under the guidance of their teachers, the students plowed the field and made 20 furrows.

Mr. Akita will talk about the YouMe farm in more details.


④Ms. Anjana’s Intro

Her name is Anjana. She’s been with us since YouMe school was still in it’s building process and was made out of bamboos. 

She’s the second oldest staff in YouMe. Currently, she’s the coordinator for kindergarten and also teaches Junior Kindergarten (JKG) classes.

1.What do you teach in YouMe school ?

– I teach kindergarten classes and also I look over the Nursery, JKG and SKG classes and give the teachers advices as an observer.

2.What made you to decide to work here?

– I like doing social work, also I wanted to give the kids living in remote area like Khotang a better quality of  education.

3.How are you going to be working for the kids?

– Im gonna look the best way to teach them and I’m also read to do anything for it.

4.What is the best thing in YouMe school?

– We have a great building because of all the supporters. We can provide a great education to the people who are living in remote area like khotan. As for people who can’t afford to pay for the tuition we have scholarships for the kids.

5.What is YouMe school for you?

– It’s like a second home to me.

6.Could you say some few words for our supporters?

– First at all, thank you so much for your support. I want to say thank you to all our supporters because of all your support, we can teach them in a great building, because of scholarships poor kids can get a great quality of education. I hope that all supporters will continue their support.

⑤Mr Akita’s reports.

Namaste! I’m Akita working in YouMe school in Khotan as a volunteer. 

Starting this month, Mr. Matsui will be working as a volunteer for 5 months atYouMe school in Morang. 

So I would like to be in touch with him as much as possible.

It has been 6 months since I started. 

Already half a year has passed soI feel like time goes by is very fast. 

I heard that recently it’s extremely hot in Japan. 

In Nepal, it’s chronic as usual. 

We are done with the monsoons and the dry season has started.

Here in Nepal it’s also the middle of summer. 

I sweat a lot when I go to school.. 

Corn is the main crop here in Nepal and recently I have see many people gathering it. 

Even I’m eating corn steamed and fried everyday. 

Also, I have realized that corn grown here is not as sweet as the Japanese one and it’s a little hard to chew.

Let’s start reports in Khotang. 

Beginning of August, the teachers handed the report cards for the first semester. 

About  60% of the parents came to pick up the report cards. It sounds kind of low percentage but in Nepal, it’s actually a really high percentage. 

Most of parents have never attended a school so they are not interested about education. 

They were looking at the reports with a peculiar face and heard about the reports from teachers.

They were able to ask many questions.  

I felt it was really a meaningful time for them. 

I think they are really understanding how important it is to learn and to get a good education. 

But it was far away from 100% so it’s our aim to get all the parents to participate.

In the middle of August, We made the YouMe farm link for school lunch project foundation with Ajinomoto’s big support. 

The students plowed and planted the seed in the farm following the teachers advice.

They planted radishes, carrots, cucumbers, broccoli and spinach.

We have 4 groups in YouMe School called house.  

Every student belongs to a house.

So that way the older students can teach the younger ones.

So each house takes turn in order to take care of the YouMe farm.  

A classroom is not something that has to be inside of a building.

It’s a place where you can learn.

In YouMe farm, I’m gonna approach the students in the same manner and teach them and make it fun for them.

Also from this month, Training program for the teachers started. 

Let me explain a little bit. Each teachers have their own method or an idea that they thought out for their classes so the program provides a platform to share their ideas and teaching methods. 

We pick a model teacher and record when he/she is teaching as to get a clear idea of their timing schedule, teaching methods, they way they interact, activities etc.

And use that in the meeting to have discussions and share opinions.

It’s kind of difficult to introduce new things because of culture and values but teachers are really positive and active and always find a way to implement it.  

I will be here for 6 months so I’m going to do my best!! 

Thank you for reading!


【Recent reports in Morang. 】

①New principal in Morang.

We have a new principal in Morang. His name is Hemanta.

He is from Biratnagar where Morang YouMe school is located.

We are hoping that with new energy from our new principal it will energize the students and our school. 


②Report by Mr. Machii.

Namaste! My name is Kotaro Matsui. I am a junior in college. 

I’m working as a volunteer in Moran since August. Just started working here but I would like to share me experience.

We had a quiz competition on the first Friday of August. 

They separated by 4 houses and teachers gave them quizzes. 

The quiz questions was based on science, math and other subjects. Students really enjoyed.

YouMe school in Morang, Birathnagar, the second biggest city in Nepal. 

It’s near the border of India so there are many different students form various ethnicity.  

The house where I’m staying and when taking the school bus I see many different kind of lifestyles.

 I take the school bus with the students everyday and they seem to really appreciate and enjoy taking the bus.

And also, I was really surprised that they are really active and willing to study. 

In the class, they pay attention and seem interested as they listen to their teachers.

The students participate a lot in class by not only notes but actively asking questions.

 Above all, they are really enjoying the learning process. 

Sometimes, I would join a class and students will say like, “Please teach me Japanese” more than play with us. 

The attitude to learn the new things, I think It’s only YouMe school students and I can’t wait to see their futures.

Khotang’s a small town in the country side, so students can learn freely in  a relaxed environment.

But here in Morang, they are doing in a much more faster pace. 

In the future, I’m going be a teacher in computer and Japanese.

 I’m going to be here till December, it’s not so long but I’m going to be more active.


【We have only 32 days left.】

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