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Thank you for your interest in the activities of YouMe Nepal.

We are looking for companies and organizations to support and participate in our activities.

Conduct joint events and projects

YouMe Nepal plans and realizes various projects in cooperation with other organizations.

Conduct joint events and projects with YouMe Nepal

YouMe Nepal is operated by NPO (Timi Ma Nepal) on the Nepal side and both Japan and Nepal.

This allows YouMe Nepal to carry out various activities rooted in the local area.

[Examples of past results]

Aji Bakery (Ajinomoto Foundation, AIN Program)

With the support of the AIN program, this project launches a bakery locally and provides lunch. Operated by two staff who have undergone bread training in the capital city of Kathmandu, Bakery aims to be economically independent as a local corporation.

Collaboration knit cap (Yomi Morishita official online shop "Gomachan Hombo")

In collaboration with Gomachan Hongpo, we planned a 100% handmade charity knit hat made locally.

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Request a lecture

YouMe Nepal is giving a lecture. In companies, representative Sharadrai or the staff will give lectures at lectures and study sessions in which all employees participate.

Request a lecture from YouMe Nepal

In addition to the lecture that introduces YouMe Nepal activities, we can talk about various themes, so please consult us. At school, we give a lecture to students about the differences in culture and education in Nepal so that they can understand Japanese education from the outside.

[Examples of past results]

Special class at the open school held at Sumida-ku Shigoguma Elementary School (October 2019)

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